N E L L  S U L L Y
±Sound Scars±

Sound is perceived through the ear but also received in waves that flow through us and around us informing our neural systems and therefore our memories and psychological mapping. I am interested in how sound resonates with our physiology and how the voice and language are assimilated. Historically women have been seen as the 'silent sex' and loud bravura has been linked to the 'masculine'. In the last 20 years the phenomenon of' laddism ' and a binge-drinking culture have led to forms of hyper-sexualised femininity which is perhaps partly due to the displacement of a respected feminist dialogue in popular culture.

There is a confusion of voices for both genders but for now my practice is focusing on inner female conflict. What we 'should' be, how we 'should' act, what we 'should' do. 

Can you really be consciously selective of auditory input when sound is a sensory perception that creates quantum entanglement in the mind? And when the conscious and subconscious mind maps memory with the same mystical phenomena of 'non locality' in quantum physics?

For women, the 'politics of the mouth' and the ancient historical lingual associations created by 2000 years of religious hectoring of the female as 'original sin' - whereby women were all perceived as either hysterical hag, spectral siren or virginal Madonna - have, within the discourse of/for women, created inner and outer behavioural conflicts.

InProsopopoeia V.1 I am attempting to probe this conflict between conscious and subconscious space through the use of sound. I am focusing on the way we transfer between our inner and outer apperception and how the weight of these conflicting judgments produce fears, expectations and damning thoughts which lead to senses of anxiety, disillusionment and ludicrousness.

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